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Tanning Self Shot and Randomness
Today I’m just sitting here doing some work. I’ve already answered my e-mails, replied to my personal messages from my member’s board, I even posted a new thread in there with some self shot tanning pics like the one above. And I still have so much more to do! Oooooh, and my new PC just came. Woohoo! I love new computers. Anyways, I better get back to work cause I’m camming tonight. And it’s a marathon cam night at Babe Chat! Rachel Sexton is on at 5, I’m on at 6, Miss Sandra Mae is at 7, and Madden is at 8 (all times are EST). Wow. I guess my night is going to be busy too…

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Self Shot Hotness
This weeks update was a sexy self shot set! Sometimes I’m amazed at the pics us girls can take of ourselves. These kinds of sets always turn out surprisingly sexy, and this one did just that!

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Amateur Index Strip
Last week my site updated with this sexy little pic set. The guys over at Amateur Index were nice enough to send me this cute little tank top, which I quickly cut up, and this tight little thong. I love how the top shows off my underboobs! And if you like legs and ass, you will be quite pleased with this set!

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Furry Boots
At the end of every Summer I get excited for Fall just because that is when I can start wearing my awesomely furry boots! I’ve had them for, oh, about 3 years, and they’ve started to turn from a beautiful white to a dingier white, but I don’t care! My feet love them! The day I have to get rid of these will be a very, very sad day. So last weekend when I was trying to figure out what to wear to shoot outside in, I knew if I wanted to stay warm, even while half naked in the cold, all I had to do was wear my furry boots. So that is what I did…

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Merry Christmas
Yes, yes it is officially over! But it sure was a merry one! I love the holidays- don’t get me wrong- but I hate the stress that comes along with them! So I am just fine with them being over Now I feel like I can relax… and just… breathe! But, OH MY GOD! I am soooo stuffed. I’m definitely going to the gym tomorrow! Anyone else feel the same way? Enjoy a couple of my holiday preview pics (above and below).

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Amateur Pics Rock
Back in the day, when 14 year olds had non nude sites, amateur non nude pics were what it was all about! That’s how I got started- posting self taken pics and such with a crappy web cam or crappy disposable camera. There’s just something fun about amateur looking pics. They’re my favorite! The other day I wanted to shoot a set outside. Liz, who takes my pics, got out of work around 5pm, by the time she came over to shoot, there were baseball games going in every park we visited and they were just all crawling with LOTS of people. By the time we gave up on finding a spot to shoot outside, it was about 7:30pm. I decided, I don’t want to mess around with big heavy lights, just use my digi cam! So that is what we did and here is a sample of what we shot- 125 pics in this set!

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Good Morning Update Preview
Good morning boys and girls! It’s 10:55 a.m. and I’m just sitting down to do some work. I woke up later than I wanted to, at 10, but lately I don’t get very good sleep. Maybe it’s because I’m growing a little human inside of me and have to get up to pee at least 4 times a night, or maybe it’s because I have a pillow hog named Brett. See above… Most nights he doesn’t spend his time curled up on my pillow like it’s a doggy bed though. Usually he just has his little head on it besides mine, like a human. Yes, he is a confused dog! Luckily Lucky isn’t as confused and she spends most of her nights at my feet or sometimes even under the bed. Today I have a huge list of things to accomplish- from normal every day gallery making, to sending out some e-mails, to laundry, gift wrapping and house cleaning. But before I go and immerse myself in all that fun stuff, I thought I would leave you with some previews of today’s picture update. It’s a self shot set with 48 pics inside my members area. Enjoy!

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